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I Love To Tell The Story

Tim BarkerComment
I Love To Tell The Story

Luke 24:32  (NIV) 32 They asked each other, “Were not our hearts burning within us while he talked with us on the road and opened the Scriptures to us?”

Tell Me The Story of Jesus, the beautiful hymn, says, ‘love in that story so tender clearer than every I see, Lord, may I always remember love paid the ransom for me.’”

I am always so impressed with those who sacrifice of themselves to become an organ donor for someone else.  Yet, Jesus sacrificed His life for all. Many claim they’d give up their life for a child or spouse – but what about a person you don’t know, a total stranger?  Think about it – Jesus did this for those who offended or hurt him, still He loved them. Wow!

The story of the heavenly Father sacrificing his own Son has fascinated humanity and drawn people to God for the last two thousand years.  In John’s Gospel, chapter 12, Jesus makes a promise that if we lifted Him up, all men would be drawn to Him. The way we do that is by telling His story!  It’s in proclaiming this story that people who are searching find the cross and come face-to-face with a love they’d never know.

Ponder these lyrics…

1. If you could own all the world and it's money, 
Build castles tall enough to reach the sky above; 
If you could know everything there was to know about life's game, 
Yet you've known nothing until you've known God and His love. 

Until you've known the loving hand that reaches down to a fallen man 
And lifts him up from out of sin where he has trod; 
Until you've known just how it feels to know that God is really real; 
Then you've known nothing until you've known the love of God. 

2. If in your lifetime you could meet everybody 
And you could call every name from here to yon; 
But if you've not come face to face with Jesus and His saving grace, 
Then you've known nothing until you've known God and His love.