Tim BarkerComment

Be Good Followers First!

Tim BarkerComment
Be Good Followers First!

1 Samuel 26:9, But David said to Abishai, “Do not destroy him; for who can stretch out his hand against the Lord’s anointed, and be guiltless.”

Loyalty and trust are both key in leadership qualities.  Leadership operates on the basis of trust.  Before David became king, he showed respect for those who preceded him.  Saul, however, didn’t and lost his kingdom.  Notice the vivid contrast between the two’s leadership:



  • Self-conscious from the beginning
  • Presumed the priestly office
  • Disobeyed God in the little things
  • Lost integrity by covering his sin
  • Failed to submit to God-given authority
  • Preoccupied with his own Fame


  • Displayed God-confidence from the beginning
  • Didn’t assume any right or privilege
  • Obeyed God in the little things
  • Maintained integrity by respecting Saul
  • Consistently submitted to authority
  • Desired to increase God’s reputation

With whom do you align, Saul or David?  May we be men & women after the heart of God, pleasing to Him in all we say and do to advance the kingdom!